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The easiest to use bolus calculator & diabetes logbook app that helps you stay in control of your blood glucose levels.

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Why InRange?

and safe insulin calculator
Day-to-day automatic blood glucose diary
Helps you to
highs & lows
InRange is a mobile app which helps you quickly and accurately track your blood glucose levels. InRange calculates your recommended boluses during the day and stores all your blood glucose levels, meals and activities into your diabetes logbook which can you later share with your doctor.

How it works?

Set your blood
glucose level
  1. USE IT EVERYWHERE – InRange syncs all your data in the cloud when you go online so you don't have to worry about it if you lose your phone.
  2. SUPPORTS ADD-ON HARDWARE – InRange supports 2in1 smart meter, enabling you to convert your smartphone into a precision medical device.
  3. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED – InRange does not require you to create an account within the app. While creating an account gives you access to additional online features, you can use all the features of the app anonymously.
Add a meal and
track your carbs
  1. SIMPLE CALCULATION – From carb to insulin bolus in only three simple steps.
  2. PERSONAL MEAL LIST – Create a personalized meal list and get to know yourself, your eating habits and your blood sugar response in relation to different types of food.
Get your recommended
insulin bolus
  1. ACCURATE INSULIN CALCULATOR – InRange tracks your insulin on board (IOB) and takes it into account at your next reading.
  2. ADVANCED BOLUS ADVISOR – Regulated by EU authorities: one few apps with an EU certificate.
  3. TIME ZONE SUPPORT – Support for time zone changes when travelling.
Keep track of your data
  1. STRUCTURED LOGBOOK – A simple and precise overview without the hassle, app fills the logbook for you automatically.
  2. SHARE YOUR DATA – With your loved ones or your doctor. Using the strictest standards in online security.
  3. 100% PRIVACY – If you don’t create an account, your data never leaves your phone and is accessible only to you.
It’s really simple!
Take a look …

“InRange gives you an accurate overview of your blood glucose levels, helping you eliminate highs and lows. The app is simple to use yet comprehensive, giving both the diabetes patients as well as their doctors a complete insight into the disease.”

Dr. Damjan Justinek/dr. med., spec. int. med.

Download the app & simplify your diabetes. InRange - your life in good hands.

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